The levator scapulae is a muscle situated at the posterior surface of the body on the side of the neck extending along the back of the neck embedding into the vertebral border of the scapula. The main function of this muscle is to lift the scapula. The Levator Scapulae Tendon is a flexible, strong fibrous collagen tissue that attaches the levator scapulae muscle to the neck bone


Levator Scapulae Tendinosis occurs mainly due to repetitive use of the neck muscles. Most injuries related to this condition involve sports activities where exercise programs are not followed appropriately.

Stretching and strengthening the neck muscles regularly cause this condition while failure to warm up correctly also can be a reason. This type of injury can similarly occur as a result of maintaining bad posture, prior injury to shoulder and neck or sitting in same position for longer period of time weakening the muscle and causing injury to the tendon.


  • Restricted movement in neck and shoulder
  • Pain and stiffness that affects daily activities
  • Sharp neck pain that radiates causing headaches
  • Inflamed neck area


Initial treatments for levator scapulae tendinosis include rest until the symptoms subside while limiting shoulder movements is important. Ice therapy provides relief, while anti-inflammatory pain medicine is recommended to reduce pain and swelling.

Physical therapy is another option of treatment while cortisone injections are utilized to reduce inflammation. During situations where the signs and symptoms do not respond to these conservative treatments for over six months or in severe cases, surgery will be the next option.

StemMD’s newly developed stem cell therapy and PRP injections have provided the most effective alternative for surgeries recommended for golfer’s elbow. This innovative treatment method utilizes hematopoietic stem cells that are drivers of tissue regeneration and mesenchymal stem cells which prepare the ability for the stem cells to do their work.

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